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Unimed provides integrated healthcare, safety, security, and supply-chain solutions worldwide. Founded in 1976 and headquartered in New York City and Southampton, UK, Unimed is one of the oldest providers of medical and pharmaceutical supplies to the maritime industry.

Over the years, Unimed has adapted its business model to align with the shifting industry, becoming one of a select few companies offering a completely global end-to-end medical service solution.

Our organization is truly global, with service locations including: Ft. Lauderdale, New York, Southampton, London, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, and Perth.

Unimed Yacht has created a complete turn-key solution for the yachting industry. We ensure that owners, captains, crew, and guests are met with a premium level of service. From training and preparedness to emergency response, our skilled team of medical professionals and staff are ready to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Services

Unimed’s top priority is promoting the health, safety, and security of your people. We offer a range of services including medical kits, telemedicine, inventory management, and crew training to ensure maximum preparation and swift reaction in the unfortunate event of an incident or injury.

Medical Kits

Unimed’s medical kits have been purposefully designed to be compact, easy to use, and easy to store. We use proven paramedic-style packs to facilitate transport to any location on board your vessel, should a medical emergency arise. The rucksacks are manufactured from the highest quality, flame retardant, anti-bacterial materials, and come equipped with both side and top carrying handles. Color-coded bags and inner pouches make it easy to find the right products when you need them.

We offer all medical kits required for compliance as well as custom kits based on your individual needs. These include:

  • Fluids Kit
  • First Responder Kit
  • Fractures & Splints Kit
  • Pediatric Medicines Kit
  • Pediatric Equipment Kit
  • Oxygen, CPR & Anaphylaxis Kit
  • First Aid Medicines & Equipment Kit
  • Trauma Kit
  • Day Bag

All medical kits can be customized for your specific needs. If the kit you are looking for is not shown, just ask!


Having the correct products when you need them is essential to any medical situation. Knowing what to do is another story. Our dedicated Operations Centre offers direct-to-doctor medical support, with expert surgeons and physicians available 24/7 to advise on the best course of action. Access via satellite, telephone, radiophone patch, email or videoconferencing.

Unimed offers the digiMeddigiMed® Telemedicine KitdigiMed® Telemedicine Kit as an optional add-on to our remote medical services. The kit uses a 10" Windows tablet and contains bluetooth components including a thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure monitor, glucose meter, camera, and ECG. The device data is streamed live for real-time communication with the medical professionals who will be able to assist you in the correct course of action.

Inventory Management

Unimed Yacht utilizes MedScale+ to offer a comprehensive inventory management solution that provides precise tracking, ongoing compliance monitoring and streamlined product sourcing like never before.

MedScale+ is a technology-based service that has been specifically designed to overcome the challenges of medical inventory management on seagoing vessels. Record medical product usage via mobile app, and we do the rest! Inventory levels are automatically reconciled and you will be notified if replenishment is required. Use the MedScale+ Web Portal to see up-to-date inventory on board, review compliance status, and access an electronic copy of your medical chest certificate.

Simple, user-friendly interface & controls
Budget planning & control
Convenient mobile access
Product expiry reporting
Compatible with all suppliers’ products

Talk to a Unimed representative today to learn more about what MedScale+ can offer.

Crew Training

Bluewater is a premier training partner of Unimed Yacht. Bluewater specializes in maritime crew training from start to finish, including MCA Master, USCG, and RYA Yachtmaster courses. All training is done using Unimed kits and equipment.

Whether you need a new certification or are looking to upgrade the one you have, Unimed and Bluewater have you covered.

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